Nashville Design Week


Texture Makes a Difference
by: Interface with Frist Art Museum

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Downtown

Lecture on texture and its impact on wellness through biophilic design with a primary focus on textiles in commercial spaces. “Textile design is so much more than putting a design into repeat. It’s about taking humble materials and making them sing – making them have a beauty about them by twisting yarns, creating texture, or shifting light and shadow.” Kari Pei, Product Designer Prior to joining Interface in 2015 as their first Global Lead Product Designer, Kari Pei built her career creating printed, woven, tufted and engraved textiles for some of the most recognized fashion houses, design manufacturers and hospitality brands, including Jhane Barnes, Wolf Gordon, DesignTex, Maharam, Knoll, and Starwood Hotels. Her work has been recognized with numerous design awards and accolades for her unique perspectives on texture, depth and color. She’s equally at home in the design studio and on the factory floor, working between design, technology and manufacturing to bring her inspiration to life through textiles, whether it is woven, printed, molded or embellished. Kari approaches textile design from an industrial design perspective, taking into account the structure and the materials and their ability to change the way a person relates to a space. Whether it is through perception of depth, drawing light into a space or improving the sound of the space, textiles have the ability to shape how we interact with the built environment, Kari believes.