Nashville Design Week


Life Illustrated: Nashville’s Illustrators Discuss Clients, Agents, and How They Make It All Work
by: The Warren with Watkins College of Art

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - North Nashville

Chronicle Books. Hallmark. American Express. Nashville has a strong group of professional illustrators that have worked with some of the most sought-out and recognized clients out there. Several of them work at The Warren, a studio space in East Nashville that has reached out to the community through drawing nights, professional lectures, workshops, and gallery shows. In this panel discussion, illustrators will open up their lives to attendees and explain what they do and how they do it: finding clients, how they got their agent (and what exactly agents do), and how one can do to get involved in this creative field. At the same time, artists will discuss matters such as promotion, how they navigate creative blocks, and dealing with the daily unseen struggles every creative has.